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Idaho EMS

If you have been thinking about getting licensed as an EMT in Idaho now is the time.  The regulations for Idaho EMS
are changing January 1, 2012.  While we know what it takes to become an EMT in Idaho right now, there is no telling
what the regualations might change too.  Right now it is a relatively simple process to become an EMT."Idaho EMS"

In Idaho right now you must complete an accreddited EMS course, and then register with the NREMT. After succesful completion, and
filling out the proper paperwork you can become an EMT.

Another great benefit that Idaho has right now is its reciprocity.  If you are a registered EMT in another state
you can fill out the form to apply to be license in Idaho. A $35 fee is needed if you are applying for EMT Advanced, or Paramedic, but
isn’t needed for Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), or EMT Basic.  Again, it is hard to tell if this will still be the process come
January 1, 2012. A lot of States don’t allow reciprocity, and Idaho may be changing.

We will update this blog post as soon as we find out the new requirements.

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